Sunday, January 20, 2013


Escher. Escher Escher Escher Escher ESCHER. He has been a bit of a handful lately. But, at the same time, he is full of moments of sweetness and silliness. 

We like to get out of the house and go hike on the trails of Seashore State Park behind the street where we are. The trees help shelter the wind and the excursion usually burns some energy. 

Escher told me the other day, " Winter makes us sad. Spring makes us happy! Winter is a bad word, Mom, don't say it. Spring is good!"

We finally were able to get Escher out of the "baby monkeys" jammies that Escher had worn holes in the feet of. He now loves these bigger ones. Escher is definitely attached to his footie jammies.

He calls them "my jams."

He made a pair of binoculars at preschool, so now he thinks he knows everything about "noculars,"

Anyone want to caption the picture of him in Riley's tub?

We made chocolate chip cookies the other day and when we asked him if they were good he replied, "My mouth is a cookie!"

He is such a crazy boy. We love when his sweet side comes out and he says "Oh Mom/Dad, I love you."

Or the other day, I put Riley down to grab something before we left the house and she started fussing. Escher said "Don't worry Wiwey, I'm here. Don't cry!"


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