Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Random Warm Day in November

It's time to play catch up on the blog!

Towards the end of November we had a awesomely warm day. I plopped Riley in the Ergo, hung my camera from my neck, and Dude and I headed down to the beach to watch Matt and some friends ride the waves of the swell that had appeared that day.

Warm weather + Surfing + Tide Pools + Camera Time + Ergo Ride = a very happy Mundell Herd.

At first, Escher was very concerned about getting his board shorts wet.

He came over to ask me if it was ok if they got wet.

He tried so hard to stay dry.

But slowly, his curiosity started to overcome his concern...

And he started trucking through the water.

Matt caught some good waves.

Escher loved watching him from the beach!

What a great November day!
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