Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 10

Week 10

Baby is the size of a: kumquat. Thanks Babycenter for your informative "baby is the size of this -insert random fruit/vegetable here 
I feel like: blech. still! My sappy emotional cry-over-anything side has been replaced by a volatile, riled up, angry hormonal side. Say it with me, YAY! Just in time for Christmas, too. Ugh... Who am I??
I want: Wolfgang Pucks Vegetable Soup. Sourdough bread. Soda. Clementines. and Nilla wafers with vanilla icing.
Please do not give me: still no red meat. or seafood.
Silly Moment: I had to google what a kumquat was.

Monday, December 19, 2011


  • We've been telling him about Santa and listening to Christmas music, etc... This morning he tells me "Santa bring dude, water buffalo and spider monkey and green sea turtle and macaroni penguin and whooping crane and black panther and dreaming child. ok mommeee?" 
  • While Santa has been able to find the book "Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do You See?" in which all these animals are mentioned, he has been unable to find a water buffalo figurine.. What 2 year old asks for a water buffalo?
  • We have been instituting time out for severe offenses such as hitting, biting and kicking. It is starting to help, and thankfully Escher is very good about hugging and saying "I'm sowwy... Dude sowwwy" to whoever he hurt in the first place.
  • Whenever we leave the house, Escher asks "Pass elephant and giraffe?" (jungle golf down at the oceanfront) Now, he knows that if we turn left out of our street then we are going to pass Elephant and Giraffe. 
  • Escher can see a highway roadside ChicFilA sign from far away. He says "There chicfway sign! There! Lets go, go in!"
  • We were in the car the other day, behind a older truck with lots of exhaust coming out of it. Escher says "Ewww Mommee Dude smell Rhino-sus. Yucky!" (Last time we were at the zoo, it didn't smell so pleasant by the rhinoceros. I'm guessing thats where he got it!)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 9

Week 8

Baby is the size of a: Grape. A tiny, little energy sucking grape.
I feel like : a little better than crap. Junk, maybe? I feel like junk? The all day nausea has turned into puking my guts out first thing in the morning, then feeling mostly ok for the rest of the day. Come on, second trimester.
I want: triscuits and apples. and grilled cheese. I cried this morning because I ate the last of the triscuits. Sigh....
Please do not give me: still no red meat! or milk :-(
Silly moment: Does anyone else get all worked up listening to Christmas music? Who knew Here Comes Santa Claus was such a tearjerker!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 8

I never recorded anything during Escher's pregnancy. So now that we have the blog, I thought I would write a little something each week, so I can look back and remember what it was really like. So here we go...

Week 8
I feel like : crap. tired, nauseous, hungry with food adversions, aching, tired... did I say tired?
I want: chicken salad with pickles, ham salad with pickles, lemon ice cream cake, crystal light lemonade and ginger ale, lemonheads, sunflower seeds, and toast. and baked potatoes... I think I have had 4 just this past week.
Please do not give me: red meat, the smell of red meat, read meat of any kind, Worcestershire sauce, any kind of vegetable (except cucumbers), most chocolate, milk or plain water (which makes me sad because I love water...)
Silly moment: I cried at Target today because when I asked Escher if he would share his toys with the new baby he said "Oh-KAY mommeeee, share ele-PHANT and GIWaff and HIPpo to new baby"

I don't remember any of this with Escher. I know I cried a little but felt fine physically for the most part. This time I feel pregnant. VERY pregnant. Emotional, crazy, crying, food aversions, weird cravings, weird dreams... Just hoping that the second trimester lets me feel like me again!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Things Escher has been saying...

  • "Its good to see you Daddy" when Matt comes home from work.
  • "REAAWWWY? (really?)" When we get stopped at a stoplight, or someone slams on their brakes in front of us. (This one is my fault, haha!)
  • "Whaaaaaaatt?"
  • "See our CHEEESMAS WIGHTS!!!" (Christmas Lights)
  • "good job dude, good job!" (he congratulates himself on a job well done)
  • "Mom new baby belly. Dude new baby belly! Hahahaha"
  • "Dude hungry mom... Dude hungry"
We've been going to the library a lot, which makes me happy. I was afraid when I first took Escher that he was going to be a tornado of messiness, tearing books off the shelves left and right before I could even know what hit me. But, he loooooves the library. We always find new animal books to bring home and read. And Curious George DVDs to check out too! His favorite book right now is "Splash" by Flora McDonnel. It has elephants, a rhinocerous, a tiger, and a crane. Some of his favorites! I caught him reading the book to himself this morning, it was incredible! "elephant hot hot hot. tiger hot hot hot. rhino-sus hot hot hot. follow baby to water! SPLASH!" I wish I had it on video...We checked it out again, in hopes I can sneakily tape him reading it again. I know he isn't "reading" the letters but he remembers from us reading it to him what happens in the book. I think Santa might have to bring him his own copy of this book :-)