Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Ever Visit to the Zoo

Last week we had a great opportunity to take Escher to the zoo. Given his extreme infatuation with animals these days, we all knew that the zoo was going to be a special experience for him.

We saw many birds of different colors.

We told them "tweet tweet!"

We saw "ah-ahs." This particular one was contemplating the universe when we strolled by.

Or maybe he was eyeing up that ice cream cookie sandwich. Good thing there was glass between them!

We saw Escher's beloved "gaf." In fact, there were "TWO GAFS!!!!"

We caught "-bra" snacking on some grass.

We all agreed that the surprise of the day was how Escher reacted to the rhino. "INNO" has become a big part of Escher's life in the past few days! We brought several of Escher's Little People Animal Zoo animals with us and he ended up carrying around the Rhino for the rest of the day.

That looks really, really uncomfortable...


What weird tongue!

We saw "wahs"...

Boy, that zebra was hungry. He ate the whole time we were there!

This guy was pretty cool. Escher liked watching his tongue dart out of its mouth.

For the record... Thats an iron rhino :-)

There was a wrought iron jail thing at the zoo, and this was the sign posted in front of it. The door was open and you could go in and pretend to be an exhibit. My only question is.... why is there a picture of a beaver on the sign for humans?

Aren't these the cutest little things?

This one looked pretty disgruntled. Camera shy, maybe?

The funniest thing was, Escher kept screaming "DANCE!" to the animals. I guess since his animals dance on TV he expected the real life ones to dance too!
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Anniversary Sunrise Fishing


To celebrate SIX whole years of marriage, Matt and I got up super early and headed to Rudee Inlet for a fun morning adventure. Matt got to fish, and I got to take pictures. What a beautiful compromise.

Because, after six years of marriage, I've learned that compromise is crucial to a happy couple.






Watching the sun rise is spectacular. If I was a morning person I would attempt to see it more often. Maybe I should attempt to anyways, then I might become  morning person… Hmm…


I really like this picture. Matt said it looked like he was “steering our boat towards heaven.”


This one is cool too. Since I was sitting at the back of the boat, I either had to make Matt look like part of the picture of the sunrise, or crop him out. Is that a compromise?


I really, really liked taking pictures of the sunrise.


Can you tell? Smile


This little guy was the first fish caught. He went back into the water to grow up to be a monster we’ll catch next summer!


This is while we were tucked back into our little fishing spot. I had this to the right side of the boat…


And this monster dredger to our left.



Hi fishie! We estimated that Matt caught between 30-40 flounder, just in the few hours that we were there. Only one, one lucky fish, was regulation size.


I say lucky, but I mean lucky for us. Not the fish. I have to tell you that we ate the fish. It was amazing. Fresh caught, filleted, and fried all within a matter of hours makes an amazing, melt in your mouth entrée. Yuuummmm.

Happy Anniversary to us! What a great day Smile


What do you think of these fellas? I think they were off to get into some trouble!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lake Gaston

Matt, Escher, Truman and I packed the car last week to ring in summer down at Lake Gaston with Matt's family. Escher now knows everyone's name:

"Wa-wa" Robertson
"-im" Sim
"Ay-i" Ali
"wobb" Robb

He has been asking for you all constantly since we got back! It was a great trip filled with warm sunshine, swimming, fishing, actual fish! and lots of laughter and good times. And food. Lots of food. I need to start exercising! For your consideration I didn't include any pictures of me in a bathing suit. Whew!

Here is a link to some pictures that I took. I won't tell you how many I snapped while we were gone... Only know that you are seeing a fraction of them :-)


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flying High

As soon as he gets out of the water he begs for more. What a kid!

Reach for the Stars

"Hey Dad, want to take me swimming?"

"Come on, Dad, let's go! I'm ready!"

One, two, three...


Landing safely...

"whoa whoa, yeah yeah!!!"

"Dad, can we do that again? peeees?"

I wish you could hear the sqeals and giggles!

That is a face of pure joy right there.

SPLASH! Into the water...

He loves it! He can't get enough!

Look at that smile!

He flies so high!

Sticking his tongue out too!

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