Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Escher has embraced summer's favorite treat, the popsicle, with open arms. Or maybe I should say mouth = ) Popsicles have become a common treat in our house, especially it has been so warm lately. Don't want Escher to throw toys/shoes/towels/etc out of the cart on the way to the beach? Give him a popsicle to eat while he rides! Need a few minutes after dinner to clean up? A popsicle saves the day! Now, I've started to be a little concerned about the amount of not-so-healthy popsicles that he eats, so I'm thinking about starting to make my own. I would love to hear some ideas!

Meanwhile, let's decide what popsicle color looks best on Escher:


Dark Purple


Or the classic red.

Not sure which I like best, but I do know one thing: That boy can eat some popsicles!
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Friday, July 23, 2010

12 Month Well Baby Checkup.

Escher had his 12 month well baby check up today! He is 32 inches long (holy cow!), 22.9lbs, and I forget what his head circumference was, but it was off the chart. That brain of his has been working hard, too! He has really started to communicate with us. The other day, he was fussing and I was doing something in the kitchen. The next thing I know, he had walked himself over to his high chair and was showing me the sign for food (fingers to mouth) and saying "mmmmm, mmmm." After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I put him in his high chair and gave him lunch. He was mighty pleased with himself = ) The next day, he started signing "more", which is putting your fingers together. Then he connected "more" sign to "food" sign when his tray was empty. Wow! I feel like everyday he says and does such big kid stuff! He walked and drank out of his sippy the other day. I can't even walk and drink at the same time!

As for words, he says: mama, dada, puppies ("pup pup"), woof woof, ball ("bah"), duck, quack, and fish ("eeeesh").

He got some shots today, he cried for a little, then calmed down when he got a sticker! Actually, two stickers, one for each hand = )

Here are some pics and videos from the last week or so!

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Stay cool!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Escher!

Our boy is one! Where did the year go? We celebrated Escher's first birthday on the beach with family. The night was perfect! We grilled hotdogs and had fresh fruit and veggies, and snacks. There was even a funfetti monster truck cake! The night ended perfectly with Escher taking his first steps right before bedtime. Love that boy!

Here are the pictures from the beach: http://picasaweb.google.com/trishamundell/EscherSBirthday##

And, because I have been lazy on posting, I uploaded another album with some newer pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/trishamundell/Summer##