Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy Busy

I'm sorry I have been slacking on posting! The past few weeks have gone by so fast! Escher got to be a lake baby over Memorial Day weekend! He loved the water, it was so fun to watch him splash and play. Here are some great pictures we got!

Monday, May 31 was my birthday! We celebrated by playing at the beach with our friends Dave and April, Matt and Lara, and Holly. Lara made the most yummy cake! Isn't it gorgeous?

Thanks again Lara! Matt grilled me some salmon for dinner, which was amazing. Escher loved it too! He also helped us eat some birthday cake! Check it out!

In other news, Escher got his first hair cut! His bangs were starting to get in his eyes, so the other day I attempted to trim them. It turned out a little crooked because he kept trying to see what I was doing, but hopefully it will grow out well.

That's all for now! Hope everyone is having a great week!