Monday, May 21, 2012

A Bunny On the Way to Big Surf Virginia Beach

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Dad and Dude Swing

At the end of our old street (a whole 1/2 block away) there is a cool rope swing that Matt and Escher have discovered.

Ready, set, GO!

"See, Dad, what I'm thinking is that we go higher..."

"And maybe faster.. out that way a little more..."

"Oh, well this is definitely cool!"

"Yeah, I could get used to this. WHEEEE!"
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Put me in there, Mommy"

"Put me in there, Mommy, with all my am-imals... with blankee and fwoppy and rex and alex and marty and melman and baby giraffe and baby wion and baby hippo and baby tiger and other baby giwaffe and big elley and baby elley and big zebra and big elley too!"

It took waaaay longer for him to name all of his animals than it did for me to grab my camera and snap this shot. 

Playing with Dad at the Beach

Escher found these shorts in his drawer and said "I like these. They are cool!" They belong to a rhino pajama set!

What is up with the look he is giving me? 2 going on 12, I tell ya!

Ahh, thats better. We've been having issues with Escher throwing sand at the beach. One day I told him if he threw sand one more time we were going to have to go home. 3 minutes later I was dragging him across the beach back to our house. In all honesty I really should have thought that punishment through... I didn't want to have to leave the beach! Yesterday we told him that if he absolutely HAD to throw sand, to throw it in the ocean. Not at anyone else, but into the ocean. I'm pretty sure that throwing sand is just a right of passage that they have to go through, but at least this way he is redirecting back to its home. He did really good this morning while we were at the beach so I hope we have worked through it...

I'm not sure what he was doing at the time but I just love this picture. You can see his chunky cleft chin!

Birds are everywhere down here.

"I want to get on your back, daddy!"

I love this picture, it makes me happy :-)

Our neighbor was on the ramp on the next street over, so we were trying to get his attention!

Matt even found some dandelions for Escher to play with!

While Escher knows to blow the flower apart, spit tends to fly out too... Which only leads to wet, sloppy flower that won't blow away.

And finally, honeysuckle. These make the path to the beach smell so good!
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