Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Day!

A few times in the past month or so, I have had people inquire about how Escher's day goes. So, be curious no more! Here is an average day in the world of little dude and me!

7am- wake time! Escher usually wakes up very happy, and he talks to Floppy in his crib while I rub the sleep out of my eyes :-). He gets a bottle and has floor play time while I make coffee and clean up the kitchen. Sometimes we watch Curious George (I LOVE him!).

9am- Its naptime! I do schoolwork while he sleeps, or clean.

11am- And he's up! He has another bottle, then if its nice, we go for a walk. If we have errands to run, this is usually the time of day we get out. Then its lunch time! After we eat, Escher usually watches a little bit (ok, or all) of a Baby Einstein dvd while I clean up.

1:30 or so- down for another nap

3ish: awake, another bottle, and more playtime! Escher really loves just rolling around on the blanket with all of his toys. His favorites seem to be the bucket of plastic food, balls, trucks, and his lion mirror so he can look at the handsome boy in it!

He has pretty much dropped his late afternoon catnap. Even if I try to get him to take it, he just rolls around in his crib. So between the time when he gets up at 3, he eats, plays, waits for Matt to come home, and he "helps" me cook dinner. He likes to play with measuring cups, spoons, spatulas, tupperware, etc. Depending on what we are eating for dinner, and when its ready, and how tired Escher is depends on whether or not he "eats" with us or not. He is starting to eat more grown up food, and we really love having him sit at the table with us, but some nights we see the eye rubbing a little earlier than usual, so then its a bath around 630 or so, then a bottle and bed. We give him a "dreamfeed" around 930-10pm, which helps him sleep through the night. Then its up the next morning for more PLAYING!

So thats it! We have a pretty consistent schedule. For awhile I was really anxious about deviating from it, but with all the craziness going on with the move, I couldn't control every minute of his day. Thankfully he adapted very well, and I don't worry so much if a day doesn't go exactly according to plan. On Wednesdays we go to Grace Bible Church where I help out in the nursery for the Women's Bible Study group. Escher likes to watch all the kids play! We really can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can play outside more!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

7 months!

Happy Seven Month Birthday Escher!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowy Beach

Virginia Beach got snow! And lots of it, too! I honestly can't remember the last time the Hampton Roads area had this much of the white stuff. Neither Matt or I expected to have snow at this house, we were actually glad to leave all the snow behind in Richmond (I like the first snow of the year, then I'm ready for warm weather!) However, I figured this was a once in a blue moon kinda thing, so Truman and I braved the storm and walked down to the ocean. It was incredible. Insane, but awesome. We could only go so far down the walkway to the ocean because the wind was so strong, and it was blowing the snow into our faces so hard it felt like needles. I am really glad we went down there though. It has been so cold lately that the snow stuck to the sand, and the dunes just looked amazing. I honestly think Truman would have stayed out in the snow most of the day, he absolutely loved it! Since Escher has had a cold, we didn't bundle him up and take him out in it. He checked it out from the window :-)

89th Street Access

Crazy! I could barely see what I was taking a picture of, I just held the camera up and snapped!

89th Street Beach Access.

My brave, snowy puppy.

It was so crazy to see snow on the dunes!