Monday, October 31, 2011

twik or tweet ELLEY!

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Pumpkin Painting

Apparently fingerpainting pumpkins is all the new rage these days. Giving a child sharp tools to carve their pumpkin is frowned upon. Who knew?

Totally kidding. I knew. No pumpkins were carved by any toddler at our house.

Or by any grown up for that matter. I totally forgot to get us a pumpkin.

Ahh, mommy brain.

So that leaves us with paint. Lots and lots of paint. 

Thank goodness for Crayola WASHABLE paint.

As you can tell, Escher had his animal friends help out. Nothing like having paint covered dolphin, giraffe, and Elephant. The bathtub is going to be crowded tonight!

Here you can tell that Escher is carefully applying each color to the pumpkin. Such talent!

Escher thinks that my jeans might be more styling with painted toddler hand prints on them. What do you think? 

Sandy girl, our neighbor's pup, is just thankful that she hasn't been fingerpainted as well!

And the finished product. ProductS if you consider the table a work of art too.

I actually think his paint blob looks pretty cool. But that's probably because I have mommy goggles on. And the paint is washable.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! 
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Bounce House!

Winter (or so it feels like, to me) has descended upon Virginia Beach. Bathing suits and beach toys have been packed away, and coats are grudgingly being found throughout the house.

In order to save our sanity, we had to get out of the house on Saturday, when it was in the upper 40s and raining.

Yes, I said upper 40s. I understand you all think I'm a wimp because I think the upper 40s is cold, but come on... Winter is my least favorite season! I grumble!

Anyways, we took Escher to a place called The Bounce House, which was filled with oodles of fun inflatables to bounce all the crazy energy right out of our hyper child.

This was inside a tiger inflatable! Escher was excited to see his favorite animals.

Escher also spotted the rest of his friends.

The Bounce House is a great time for kids of all ages! ;-)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I want to take a few minutes to talk about Fur... A few weeks ago we took Truman/Fur to the vet and found out that he has basically broken his rear left knee. Diagnosis? A $4-5,000 surgery that would put him out for at least 6 months, and after rehab there was only about a 50% chance of him ever really getting back to "normal".

I'm not sure what everyone else's view of normal is, but even without the surgery, Truman is not letting his leg hold him back.

We knew an invasive surgery like the one that was suggested would dampen Fur's spirit and that's not the kind of dog he is. He's a sweet,active dog that would go nuts if he had to recoup for 6+ months.

He still goes to the beach and runs after the ball. He still takes off 50 yards down the beach to say hello to another dog (such a social butterfly!) but he definitely goes slower and wears out faster. 

Escher is always trying to run him down! "FUR! NO FUR! BALL FUR!"

Uh oh, here he comes! Run away, Run away!

The look on Escher's face cracks me up.

The look on Fur's face is a little weird...

Fur is always around, watching us play.

Keeping an eye on us...

But ready to spring into action when there is fun to be had.

Such a good Fur... 
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bayville Park

Escher and I were able to stop off at one of our new favorite parks in the area, on Shore Drive.

First things first! Find a stick to bring along on our adventure!

"BIG twees!MOM BIG twees!"

Escher called this "white park home?"

This little boy would love to live at the park!

Favorite picture of the day!

Escher did so good on this ladder! I was so proud of him :-)

He sure is concentrating hard, with that little tongue sticking out!

His little pants were a soft material so he would go flying down the slide so fast. He loved every second of it, the faster the better!

Up the stairs...

"Hi mom!"

Down the slide...

"Back home?"