Saturday, August 31, 2013


Its been a long time since we've done an escherisms. I know I have missed a lot but here are some that I've remembered throughout the week.

Dreams were a big deal for awhile. He wanted to know what we dreamed about and one morning he told me "mommy I had a crazy dream last night! There was gorillas and a duck in the ocean, and dad was on a silly raft, and all my super friends (his stuffed animals) were in the stroller!"

I told him about a dream I had where I was Batman. I was running away in my batmobile from the bad guys that were in the movie home alone. I search the batmobile and I can find to throw at them is a jar of homemade diaper cream. So I chuck it out the window at them, and at this point Escher interrupts and says "you threw diaper cream? Why would you throw diaper cream? I would throw waterballoons! Big ones!"

Escher went up to matt and said "can I hug you for a minute?"

He put his hands on his hip and told me "you're pushing it, mom!"

When it was almost Riley's birthday Escher asked me "do you remember? Do you remember when we got Riley from the baby place?"

We have been working on donating toys that we don't use or love, and one night at dinner Escher busts out with "dad! We're going to donate you!"

We were talking about our favorite animals at the zoo and I asked what Riley s favorite was and Escher yells "riley likes the BISONS!!"

We were on a walk when a lady jogged pas. Escher points to her and exclaims "mom there goes a rum runner!"

We forgot our worm bucket on a walk so Escher informs me "its ok mom. Its a special day. Its a special day to hold hands with worms!"

When asked why he's been calling Matt, Matt (not dad), he replies "because I love him. He's my best guy!"

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Riley and the Fishies

We took the kidlets to the aquarium last weekend for the first time since Riley was little. We let her be free range baby and she had a blast! She ran around from tank to tank, her cute chubby little finger busy pointing at everything. Her squeals of delight could be heard through the building. Its a good thing we were one of the first ones in!

For days after, Escher said "I had so much fun at the aquarium yes-ta-day!" (because everything in the past is yesterday). It was a great trip. Its always so amazing to watch your kids experience new things.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Holy guacamole What a Mess

Glad I adopted that more relaxed attitude from the previous post... hah!

All The Animals

A few days ago a big box of diapers and wipes came from target. After staring at it for awhile I finally unpacked it and asked Escher if he wanted it to play with.

He does, and before I know it he has dumped in all the painstakingly organized animals that we have. We have animal soup. All the animals in our house, except for his playmobil toy zoo animals (which don't leave his zoo table) and the messy outdoor beach animals. Original animals and zoo talkers and a to z animals and baby animals and squishy animals... all mingling together in a big. Hot. Mess.  That's a lot of animals, people!

After I took the picture of all the empty tubs, I had to walk away for a few minutes. Every single thread of my being wanted thosr animals to be separated back into their containers, for them to be in their rightful place. To be perfectly organized.

Umm, hello there type A personality. Why don't you just have a glass of wine and relax a bit?

I am trying to learn that perfection is unattainable.  It doesn't exist. Things will be messy, people will be late, your feelings will be hurt and you will hurt others. This is life and it is far from perfect. Its time to enjoy the messiness that life is. Ups and downs,  snuggles and screams.  Striving to be perfect has the power to hurt everyone, but mostly myself.

So I've willingly let the animals be mixed up for ONE WHOLE DAY and counting. Escher is beyond thrilled. All his animals together! The anxiety I felt at first has somewhat subsided and hopefully I can take this as a sign that I can and should ease up on other things in my life, especially myself. No one likes a cranky mama that is too hard on herself!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Art Project

Escher and I created a world map of animals! I drew out a horrible rendering of a world atlas, then we labeled the continents and stamped and stickered animals where they live.
He pointed to where Russia is and asked, "mama what's this? What's this place?"
When I told him it was Russia his little face scrunched up and he said "Russia? I never heard of that before. What is Russia?"
So we had a talk about how Russia is very cold and snowy, and no, elephants don't live there.
He was also disappointed that our stamp collection is missing a musk ok and a Canadian goose. You know, because all melissa and doug stamp sets should include those!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Book


Escher was super stoked to get his very first Animal Encylopedia.

We printed out this cool picture the other day...

And I discovered that Escher knew where North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia were.

He also knew where in North America we live, on the East Coast.

He surprises me every day.

I just love this picture because Riley Roo is photo bombing :)
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Goofin Off

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Best Friends


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