Saturday, August 31, 2013


Its been a long time since we've done an escherisms. I know I have missed a lot but here are some that I've remembered throughout the week.

Dreams were a big deal for awhile. He wanted to know what we dreamed about and one morning he told me "mommy I had a crazy dream last night! There was gorillas and a duck in the ocean, and dad was on a silly raft, and all my super friends (his stuffed animals) were in the stroller!"

I told him about a dream I had where I was Batman. I was running away in my batmobile from the bad guys that were in the movie home alone. I search the batmobile and I can find to throw at them is a jar of homemade diaper cream. So I chuck it out the window at them, and at this point Escher interrupts and says "you threw diaper cream? Why would you throw diaper cream? I would throw waterballoons! Big ones!"

Escher went up to matt and said "can I hug you for a minute?"

He put his hands on his hip and told me "you're pushing it, mom!"

When it was almost Riley's birthday Escher asked me "do you remember? Do you remember when we got Riley from the baby place?"

We have been working on donating toys that we don't use or love, and one night at dinner Escher busts out with "dad! We're going to donate you!"

We were talking about our favorite animals at the zoo and I asked what Riley s favorite was and Escher yells "riley likes the BISONS!!"

We were on a walk when a lady jogged pas. Escher points to her and exclaims "mom there goes a rum runner!"

We forgot our worm bucket on a walk so Escher informs me "its ok mom. Its a special day. Its a special day to hold hands with worms!"

When asked why he's been calling Matt, Matt (not dad), he replies "because I love him. He's my best guy!"

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