Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Riley Roo

Is sitting up, too!

Kids in the Street

Matt and Escher saw some street cones on our street.

So Matt built a tower, and Escher inspected it...

And Matt ollied over it...

While we watched and cheered. Escher screamed "NIIIICCCEEEE!"

After every run Escher would check to make sure the cones were right.

He was very concerned becuase he put all his Noah's Ark animals INSIDE the cones.

Our house is such a zoo!
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Fun

Virginia Beach finally got some snow this winter. A whole 2 inches or so!

Now it can be summer!

Flamingos look pretty silly with snow on the, don't ya think?

Matt and Escher sure loved playing in the powdery white stuff.

Snowballs were thrown amidst shreiks of laughter.

A lion in the snow! What a funny sight!

Escher discovered icicles hanging on the bottom of the Yukon.

His little hands got so cold!

Matt enjoyed sliding down our driveway on his snow skate. If only our neighbor's car wasn't in the way, he could have had a running start!

The snow was a lot of fun, but we all agree... We can't wait for summer!
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