Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Friday, June 17, 2016

Stylin at the Park

Riley roo and Pops

Tutu and bubbles

Snoozin sweetie

Sick Baby at the Drs

Chicka Loca (crazy chicka)

Flower Shop!

Sunglasses like Mama


Mother's day gift

Robsons at Surf Rider

Bike Time!

Cute Kitchen Helper

Outside Rest Time

Boogie-ing Dude

It's Beach Time!!

Uncle Tore and Riley

Cleaning the Car

Waiting for Dude's Bus

Riley Monster IN Mittens



Me and my Girl

"Dance Recital"

My cuties

Done with PreK 3!

Daddy's New Truck

"Bead Soup" in a pretty dress

New Elsa Dress

Lemonade stand with the "lemonade machine!"

New Goggles on a Sweet Girl

Beach Baseball

Beach Time!

Hotdogs and Caracles

Hatteras Luau Girl