Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Escherisms Vol I forgot to check which number

  • Escher looked at us at the dinner table the other day and said "Matt. And Tish. Hi!"
  • everything is "oh, COOOOOOL!" and "NO WAY!"
  • Whenever he sees a fly (or any other airborne insect) Escher sings "shoo fwy, shoo fwy!"
  • his favorite lion king clip is "Hakuna Matata", which he calls "ta, no worries"
  • he is obsessed with Golden Grahams. Who knew a random buy at the grocery store could bring such happiness?
  • we went into PetsMart the other day, with Escher talking about elephants the whole time. Crazy enough, he found a bin of stuffed animals, one of which was an elephant, who ended up coming home with us. He has been labeled "big elley".

Escher the Animal

As we all know, Escher loves animals. So its no surprise that he loves to act like them! So far, our little animal man can:

  • stomp like an elephant
  • slither like a snake
  • jump like a kangaroo
  • roar like a lion
  • fly like a bird
  • run like a hiena
  • waddle like a penguin
I definitely need to bust the camera out and get a movie of him doing all these things!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Tuuday

Monday was Matt's birthday, or "tuuday" as Escher calls it. We celebrated by making bacon egg and cheese biscuits, going to the aquarium to see fish ("And shawks! and wrays!"). Then, after a yummy dinner of shredded beef pasta and "tuuday CAKE!" we walked down to the beach.

Escher brought lion and giraffe along for the trip.


I love, love, love this photo. I know the color is all off and its blurry but boy its the best I could do to catch that moment!

I also love that all this morning, Escher kept asking for "dad hap tuday cake? pees? tuday cake dude? right here, ahhh (points to mouth)".

Happy Tuuday, Matt!
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chocolate pudding!


Escherisms Vol 3

  • last night at dinner he said "bye mom and bye dad!" Matt asked him where he was going and Escher replied "ChuckCheeeeeese!!"
  • He peed in the potty before bath last night!
  • After he wakes up I usually ask him if he had any dreams, and what he dreamt about. The other day he told me "Mom! I dremt rhino! two tails!"
  • he has learned that giving kisses normally gets him what he wants.
  • His obsession with "wian king" has been upped to a whole new level. We have a book that is dearly loved that we read 7000 times a day. "mone and puuu" (timone and pumba) are talked about constantly.
  • In the book, Pumba gets stuck under a log. The other day, Truman got wound around the chairs out front. Escher laughs at him and says "frue stuck! puuu stuck wian king book!"
  • i love that when escher says "truman" it comes out sounding like "Fur". we've decided that our next dog will be named "fur"
  • a new favorite is the movie Kung Fu Panda. Escher calls it "shuu pa"
  • juice box = "juuuu gaa"

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Date day Bike Ride

We fnally had the opportunity to ride, sans baby, from our house at the North End all the way down to First street at the South End. We celebrated with cocktails and fried shrimp at Rudees. It was such a great day! We rode about over 180 streets round trip, or about 13 miles. Wow!

Stir and dump!

I love my little kitchen helper! We made football brownies this morning to celebrate the kickoff of the 2011-12 football season. Touchdown!