Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

The end of 2012 seemed to just fly by. It was filled with all sorts of insanity; moving with a 2 weeks notice, unpacking, sick babies, teething babies,  and all sorts of fun Christmas activities like picking out a real Christmas tree (no palm tree this year!), baking cookies, making 9 layer holiday jello (because I'm nuts), decorating, delivering goodies to neighbors and celebrating Christmas 3 times with family. Whew! Our celebrations were filled with lots of love, laughter, presents, joy, food and fun. Oh boy, the food!

Escher and Riley got a kitchen that they can create lots of wonderful meals for us to sample. He got lots of fun cutting food and fruits and vegetables to play with!

Santa brought Escher a greatly anticipated "Toy ZOO!" by Playmobil with all of Escher's favorite animals, including "THE ELLY!"

Riley's favorite toy is a Razberry Teether and a cute little baby doll. She also really likes her twilight turtle from Santa.

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