Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Random Warm Day in January.

(I had a hard time posting this last week, so pretend you are reading this last Monday!)

We looked out the window this morning and saw a beautiful day waiting for us.

I somehow managed to get the baby dressed, convince Escher that he really did want to take his jammies off and go play outside, and I got the dog roped up and ready to go. We were quite a sight walking to the beach. Riley was strapped to my chest, Escher was insisting that he hold on to Truman's leash too, and Truman dragging us all down the street.

"He's the engine, Mommy!" says Escher.

What did we see when we got there?

This. Totally worth the 20 minute craziness to get out of the house.

Why does it take so long to get 2 kids dressed and ready to go?

Oh, because one child doesn't like to take of his jammies OR leave the house!

Just another phase... :-)

Truman and Escher just ran and ran.

The open space was so liberating to a cooped up dog and dude!

They took occasional breaks to discuss where they would run next.  There was no one else on the beach and the freedom and energy to run all over. It definitely struck me how blessed we are, that its a warm Monday morning and here we are enjoying the best part of Virginia Beach while everyone else is at work. Life is too good.

Riley just took everything in from her spot in the Ergo. She loves watching her brother and Truman, although she can't quite figure out the big, black hairy thing that likes to give her kisses.

When we came home, Escher informed that "Summer is here Mom! Its time to go swimming in my pool! With all my new africa safari animal friends! YAAAAY!"

He was so enthusiastic and the sun was shining so brightly at that moment that I decided to go ahead and get his pool out.

Things that we did not consider:

The water coming out of the hose was freezing.

The weather forecast. 

The sun soon went behind the clouds.

It started to drizzle.

So we went inside and had a snack and some hot cocoa. Escher insisted on putting on clean, dry boardshorts and he even waddled  around in the pool  again before lunch. That boy is longing for some summer.

We enjoyed the beautiful morning while it lasted, but the pool has been put away. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40s.

Come on, SPRING!
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