Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We rented "Robot George" Curious George DVD from the library so Matt made him his own robot box!
Escher has been counting everything! Sometimes he starts counting and then he forgets what he was originally counting. So then he starts over. He stops to read numbers on license plates, houses, mailboxes, and food containers. He loves him some numbers.

He looked at the grocery ad and said "oh look mom, blueberries are on sale this week!"

To him, everything that has happened in the past, happened "yes-ta-day." For example, "Yes-ta-day Santa brought me my toy zoo!" or "I went swimming at the beach yes-ta-day."

Escher came running into the kitchen  telling me that he needed to show me something. He grabbed my arm and dragged me to where  he had dumped and thrown all of his Mickey Mouse Uno cards everywhere. He joyfully exclaims, "Look Mom, I ORGANIZED them!"

We were talking about what was coming on tv and Escher says "Oh, you must be right Mommy, you have your smartie pants on!"

I asked him what he had for breakfast a morning Matt let me sleep in and he said "A strawberry bar... and a COOKIE!"

One day Escher came to me and said, "Mom, I need to call Santa and tell him thanks for my toy zoo. Let me call him on my ear. Hello, Santa? This is Escher. Thanks for my toy zoo! You're welcome!"

Escher calls things "cutie" instead of cute. "Look Mom, isn't EllyGirl so cutie?" or "Oh, I like that, its so cutie!"

When Escher got his bunk beds, we got him a clock that would turn green when it was time to get out of bed in the morning. He took to it great, and he looks forward to when its green. I snagged the power cord of the clock this week and broke it. Even though Escher is learning to tell time, and I could tell him what time he could get up, he was really concerned. It was like he was lost without the green light. We put another clock in his room that glowed blue, and he kept saying "And it will turn green when its time for me to get up!" Nope, buddy, sorry... Matt came home with a replacement cord, thank goodness, and all was green again :-)
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