Thursday, February 28, 2013

60 Degrees

Matt and I watch the weather like hawks. We are always saying "Did you see it was supposed to get up to _____ tomorrow?" Anything around or above 60 degrees really makes us happy. We start dreaming of playing at the beach. Most of the time we forget that seeing 60 degrees means that that is the high. So it is 60 from 1-2pm.

However we had a beautiful day yesterday, and even though the air had a little chill to it, the sun was nice and toasty warm.

Ahhh... Love the sun...

There was swell, too!

Escher practices good poop avoidance!

Tide pools always beckon to Escher. He cautiously steps in...

Once he realized that the water was warm (the sun beamed down all day on it), he charged right in!

A favorite pastime, "frowing sand!"

"Just one more time Mom! One more time through the tide pool! I love tide pools they are my favorite!"

He is such a crazy water boy!



When it was time to go home, Escher piled in the car and wistfully watched his awesome tide pool as he left. I know he can't wait for summer and more tide pools!

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