Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Color Popping Animals

"please mom let's go to hawwis teeter and get some new popping amimals they come in farm packs and africa amimal packs and dinosaurs and SEA CREATURES and they come in capsules that you put in water and they POP into amimals and you PLAY with them and they are so much fun mom come on let's go to the store and get some please."

Gotta love Escher's stream of consciousness...

These are Escher's newest obsession. $1.99 at Harris Teeter. Provides an hour of entertainment for Escher and several hours of picking them up for us parents.

He has started to tear off some of the animals' body parts. He came to me asking if I knew where the pig that had no head was. "You see that pig Mom? The red one that was broken? Its head is broken and gone and I can't find it."

I told him that once he started breaking them they were trash. Picking up 36 or so popping animals is annoying enough, I don't have time to pick up 321245 random body parts!

He must really like them because this morning he told me; "Mom, I love you. You buy me color popping amimals and you fill the sink with warm water so I can watch them pop. Thank you, Mom."

This is Big Tuna. The only color popping animal that Escher will let me play with. So he got a name.

Escher's other new obsession are boxes and containers of some kind. Right now, we have a giant diaper box cut and taped to make a barn (for his "color farm popping amimals" of course), a wine cube box and a KCup box that are makeshift elevators from Toy Story 2, and a diaper wipes box that holds all the popping animals. 
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