Sunday, October 20, 2013

Evening Beach with the Kiddos

This past week was a rough one. Everyone has been sick, except Matt. The kids have been cranky. Escher has been wild. Today was just crazy. We had an early dinner tonight, and as I was staring at the clock trying to comprehend what we were going to do until bath and bedtime, I realized that it was absoultely gorgeous outside. Fall has this amazing golden light. I just knew I had to get the kids out so f the house. And my camera was coming too. Sometimes I forget how much   I love to take pictures.When deciding if I should bring my camera I always end up leaving it because of convienence. I made it a point to bring it to the beach with us, and I am so glad I did.

Escher through a fit when we had to leave,but the sun was setting and it was getting chilly. He screamed at me all the way home, and then when we got to our driveway he stops me , puts his arms around my waste and says "Mommy, I just want to tell you something. Iwant to tell you that I  love you. So much. I love you so much Mommy."

And for the most part, the rest of the evening went reallywell. Kids are so funny. Their little brains go a mile a minute. You never know what's coming next!

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