Monday, June 17, 2013


I want to keep Escher just the way he is. I want to freeze time. I want his hair to always be so soft, with the little curls forming at the ends. I love hearing his little voice talking about all the animals of the world. I want to keep him close and snuggle him as he smells of baby sunscreen.

We have a countdown until his birthday going. 20 days. 20 days until my first baby will be 4 whole years old.   He told me awhile ago that he was scared of turning 4, that he wanted to stay 3 forever, because 3 is his favorite number. I feel like I remember waiting for him like it was yesterday. Feeling him kick inside me, but not having a single clue what he was going to be like. He was so perfect when he got here. All 7lbs 3 oz of him. Such a sweet baby that has grown into such a sweet, fun, outgoing boy. 

Time going by is inevitable, and as we grow in the roles of mother and son, I can't help but wonder what the future will bring. He makes me want to be a better person, stronger, happier, smarter. Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst with pride because he is just so awesome. I keep telling myself to slow down and cherish these moments with him. I never want to forget how he was today, with his boardshorts hanging down by his butt like always, his sunscreen freshly applied and his clean soft hair smelling so good. I just love my little man!

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