Thursday, October 4, 2012


Escher loves preschool these days. He is always counting and saying his ABCs now. He is excited to go (except for having to put real shoes on... I too hate to wear anything other than flip flops) and he just walks right in his classroom ready to start his day. He has been picking up new words and phrases from preschool. A sample of what we've heard lately:

  • "I got an important question for you." (it usually turns out to be a statement, like "I like elephants, they are my favorite."
  • "Elephants are my FAVOWITE. Green is my FAVOWITE color. Bunny crackers are my FAVOWITE."
  • We had cheeseburgers for dinner one night and Escher says "A B C D E F GBURGERS!!!"
  • "Mystery. What's a mystery Mom?"
  • "What's a mistake?"
  • "Oh, that's my mistake. Sorry."
  • "Ms. Tonya says..."

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