Monday, July 29, 2013

Art Time

Escher and I have really been getting into art time these days. Armed with some new paper and crayons he got for his birthday, we had fun drawing a "tinga" as he calls it, or an Africa. Tinga Tinga is a show on netflix about African animal folklore. He loves it, of course! Anyways we had so much fun drawing trees, watering holes, grass, a sun, and animals.

Escher drew a tapir. His first drawn animal. A tapir, of all things.

We went to the zoo today, and as we were walking up to the tapir exhibit,  a boy comes running up and says, "hey what are these?  I think they are ant eaters!" To his parents.

Escher immediately says "no, they are tapirs! Not ant eaters. They live in the rainforest!"

His love and knowledge of animals impresses me every day. In a world full of technology,  he has found a way to connect with nature.  I love watching his passion grow!

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