Tuesday, May 21, 2013


About two months ago, we were out driving and we saw some Canadian Geese in the road. Matt rolled down his window and yelled "Hey GOOSES! Get out of the road!" It was a huge hit with Escher. He laughed and thought it was hilarious!

Fast forward to today... GOOSES are part of everyday conversation. He likes to tell this story to anyone who will listen:

"one day daddy was on his way to work and he saw gooses in the road. So he rolled down his window and yelled, HEY GOOSES GET OUT OF THE ROAD! and these people next to him said "what is that crazy guy doing, why is he yelling at the gooses in the road?"

He will be in the middle of playing, and all of the sudden say "GOOSES IN THE ROAD!"

He asked Matt if any gooses were going to fly into the fireplace and Matt said "if there are, his goose is cooked!" So now, Escher runs aroud saying "HIS GOOSE IS COOKED!"

When we get in the car, Escher wonders "Will we see GOOSES in the road?"

We were at the zoo, and instead of being thrilled with seeing all the cool animals, Escher couldn't stop hollering about all the GOOSES that he saw. Imagine his excitement when he saw GOOSES IN THE ELLY EXHIBIT!

It is quite the phenomenon in our house. So much so that when I talk about geese, I say GOOSES.
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