Thursday, March 14, 2013

Playing Together

For the longest time, I worried that Riley and Escher were not going to get along. Adding her to our family was quite the adjustment for all of us, and the only interaction they had for the longest time was the classic "walk and kick" that Escher would do as he would run by her lying on the floor.

However, as Riley grows, so does her personality, and Escher, for the most part, thinks she is hilarious.

Her new found mobility has put her in places that Escher thinks is hilarious.

"Mom, Riley is stuck under the couch!"

"MOM! Riley is eating stuff off the floor again!"

Riley is one tough cookie. Escher rolls all over her, shoves her away from his toys, and drags her by her hands away from things.

She doesn't care. Most of the time she just shakes it off and keeps going.

She just wants to be by her big brother.

Its going to be fun to watch them grow and interact together.
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